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Talkin' Sleep

Modern Science + Parent Intuition
= Rewriting the Sleep Script​

Turning the tables on traditional baby + toddler sleep with science and, connection that puts your whole family’s well being as priority #1!

As a parent the one thing you want for your child is...

to help them become the best version of themselves. But as parents you and I know that helping them grow into amazing humans isn’t easy. Especially without a universal handbook that tells you exactly what to do. Let’s be real, between convoluted advice from the internet and the outdated opinions from family and friends you are torn about what is “best”

That’s where our approach to sleep comes in.

What exactly is Talkin’ Sleep’s approach?

At Talkin’ Sleep we focus on a caregiver’s intuition, a baby's or child’s cues and the latest science and knowledge in infant and child mental health. We give parents the tools and know-how to apply sleep solutions that prioritize their unique family dynamic, finding the root cause of their sleep woes, so they can grow the best & healthiest humans. That means helping you improve sleep without ever resorting to crying it out of any form.

Just because “everyone” says you have to, doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for your little one.

(or that you’re out of options either!😉)

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Founder of Talkin' Sleep Valerie Groysman looks down at her infant son who is sleeping--peacefully

Baby Sleep

They're cute and cuddly, and have you wrapped around their little finger, but when night time comes the sleep...does not. Get help figuring out your baby’s unique sleep needs with Baby Sleep Essentials.

Toddler playing instead of sleeping

Toddler Sleep

Between exploring outer space, digging for dinos and their fantastical dragon adventures...your toddler needs to sleep. But they don’t see it that way! Help your kiddo find a sleep groove that works the way their adorable (and sometimes terror-iffic) brain works.


The secret to your little one’s sleep success has zero to do with all the other babies and toddlers in the world and everything to do with your unique family.

At Talkin’ Sleep we believe that sleep science, biology, your personal story, needs and preferences are what make your family’s sleep a lasting success. You will never be asked to do anything that goes against your intuition or doesn’t align with your values.

That's a Talkin' Sleep Guarantee

Our blogs, webinars and courses are designed to provide strategies and solutions based on realistic expectations for your child's age and stage of development, their unique personality and natural rhythms as well as your family’s values, beliefs and lifestyle.


Because we know, no two families are alike, and that means no two sleep stories are either. You need sleep strategies that work for your baby and family, not someone else's.

It’s about more than sleep expertise.

I have a hard time trusting sleep consultants – if you’ve been on IG you’ve probably noticed. I’m sure they are all super nice people–it’s just that sleep consulting is an unregulated field so even your plumber can hop online and claim to be a sleep expert! 😲. What they are teaching and suggesting doesn’t have to be science based, up to date or in the best interest of your child’s well-being. The scariest part–many are teaching methods that are older than you!!

So when my first child was born, I felt bombarded with endless conflicting advice and information from the so-called “sleep experts” that made me feel pushed into things that weren’t authentic to my parenting values and also made zero sense with my professional training. I was left confused and doubtful of my own judgment and nowhere closer to actual restful sleep–heck, I landed up in the hospital for exhaustion!

Valerie Groysman, Registered Social Worker MSW, RSW looking at happy baby

But think about this for a moment--

I’m a registered social worker who has specialized training in infant and children’s mental health - that means their social and emotional development and behaviour! (I was helping parents even before I had my own little ones.)

If what was out in the world was making me question all my years of training and expertise, then I could only imagine how a new parent without that foundational knowledge would feel! That struggle to cut through the fog and find reliable, quality support and information ignited my journey for developing sleep support you can rely on.

And with that Talkin’ Sleep was born.

Talkin’ Sleep is about more than just sleep.

Yes, it’s about trusting your intuition, but it’s also about science. When developing our first (and best selling) course, Baby Sleep Essentials, I partnered my expertise in child development, mental health, client successes, first-hand parenting experience and baby-led sleep methods to create a resource of solution options that are personalized.

We also know that many of you are opting to grow your families as time goes on–we want you to utilize the knowledge you gain from Baby Sleep Essentials to help every one of your little ones as they develop and grow. Especially since the odds of having identical sleep habits amongst your kiddos isn’t gonna be a thing–every baby is different.

What’s that mean for you?

Your baby and family get sleep without ever resorting to any methods that compromise your values and those parts of parenting you actually enjoy.

Your journey to a rested night’s sleep will be free of guilt, shame and regret.

Your sleep solutions will be based on your family’s needs, wants and values.

You can rest easy that you are getting sleep advice from someone who understands sleep AND what’s best for you AND your little one.

Hey there,

I'm Valerie Groysman


Founder, Registered Social Worker and Infant, Child Mental Health Specialist

When it comes to all things infant & child psychology I’m a total nerd! Even before my first child was born, you’d find me researching and deepening my knowledge of how the toddler brain ticks! Although I’m on Maternity leave for my second child right now, when that’s not the case you will find me helping parents navigate their family dynamics in a way that builds a positive environment for all the members of the family.

Being a parent isn’t my only qualification as a baby and toddler sleep expert….

I'm also trained or certified in...

Infant and Child Mental Health

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Insomnia

Attachment Focused Therapies

Postpartum and Maternal Mental Health

Baby-Led Sleep Approach
(Certified Baby-Led Sleep and Well Being Specialist)

Parenting Group Facilitation

When I’m not in the office helping families thrive,

I’m at my Toronto (well actually a suburb of Toronto) home with my husband and two-children sometimes totally winning at parenting and sometimes screwing up. It’s not uncommon to find me and my toddler cooking banana pancakes (because we always have bordering on gross, mushy bananas. I somehow suck at banana bread, but when I do pancakes - they are divine!), snuggling with the baby or having a sushi-movie night with my partner.

Alone time is just as important as family time, so if it's time for some quality me-time you’ll find me outside on a walk listening to guided meditations or new episodes of my fave biz and mental health podcasts. (I just can’t get enough of them!!)

The (Talkin’ Sleep) Dream Team

Mackenzie Cooke

BA, Doula | Sleep & Well-being Specialist

Hi folks, I’m Mackenzie–and I’m so excited to help your family get more sleep without compromising your values.

Helping parents find balance between their needs, and their children's needs is hard work–which is why you’ll find me on the other side of your emails and video calls answering your questions and connecting you with the best Talkin’ Sleep solution for your family.

When I’m not helping parents discover life on the other side of a good night’s sleep, you’ll find me at home with my family. We love being cozy and cuddling up with books, baking, dancing to music and playing games.

When I get time for myself, you’ll find me with tea in hand either on a nice walk outdoors or watching a good movie–that is, if I'm not soaking in the tub.

Christina Kocharakkal

M.sc., RP, RMFT (Ontario only)

I have been working with families for over 7 years in clinical and childcare settings. This passion to support parents/caregivers through the most challenging and stressful times of raising tiny humans, exponentially grew when I became a parent myself. I found myself in a whole new territory of unknowns!

Something about becoming a parent ignited a passion in Infant Mental Health and in the 0-6 years old, brain science research. Since then, I’ve loved working with families and their babies/toddlers to to understand what are realistic expectations of both the parent and child. Because when that happens–we are better equipped to handle any challenge these early years bring.

In my moments of free time I spend time with my husband and two little ones either playing make believe, Legos, or some form of messy play. When I find those unicorn moments of alone time, I enjoy watching episodes of Gilmore Girls, but if you ask my husband, I am probably researching and learning about conscious parenting or infant/toddler brain science, because well... I am a huge nerd and I just love this stuff!

Molly Hicks


Hey there, I’m Molly–the person behind the screen making sure you are getting all your freebies, finding all your course content, and making sure more families can learn what Talkin’ Sleep is all about.

As a mom of a Pokémon hunting, Lego building whirlwind of a toddler–I understand how navigating your personal sleep philosophy can be quite the adventure. Having struggled with my own little one’s sleep from day one–I really wish that back then I had the educational tools and the support team of Talkin’ Sleep for our sleep journey. We didn’t, we sleep trained and now we are navigating the extremely muddy waters of what happens after sleep training–it’s not pretty. It’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about helping Talkin’ Sleep get into the hands of parents everywhere!

When I’m not helping make Talkin’ Sleep become a household name–you’ll find me at home with my family in Lincoln, Nebraska where we enjoy all things Disney, Super Mario Bros, and Bluey. If I’m enjoying a little me time, you’ll see me with coffee in hand, catching up on Star Trek.