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Baby Sleep Apps: Are they hurting or helping?

We live in a new age where technology and social media are telling us all the things on how to parent. Technology can be a lifesaver or it can do the exact opposite; in this time and age we’re living in a fast-paced world. One super popular tool that many parents swear by are baby sleep apps. Do these apps really help you navigate your parenting journey, or are they secretly messing things up? While they might be a game changer for some areas of your life- like keeping you mentally or physically fit- baby sleep apps might actually be doing more harm than good. If you find yourself constantly glued to the app, wondering if your parenting skills are enough, and feeling like you’re not measuring up, then it’s time to hit that delete button. ❌

As a professional in helping families’ well-being, I am here to tell you why baby sleep apps can be more harmful than they are beneficial. As always, consider your own individual experience when reading my advice as some of it may not apply to you. If you’re looking for a guide for normal, biologically based sleep, and an individualized sleep information, then I’m your girl! 🚀 Get the normal baby sleep guide HERE.

The Good, The Bad, and The App

Does using baby sleep apps provide you with a sense of support without turning into an anxious mess? If using a baby sleep app brings you peace, confidence, and joy, then that’s amazing! Your relationship with a baby sleep app should feel more like a guide than a source of anxiety. If it serves as a helpful guide and reassurance without taking over your and your baby’s life, then they are perfect for you.

However, if using a baby sleep app makes you struggle with feelings of self-doubt and constant worry about your baby’s sleep, then I’m here to tell you that it’s time to let go of that app.  Are you getting questions in your mind like; what’s wrong with me? Why won’t my baby sleep? What’s wrong with my baby? Why isn’t my baby doing what the app says? Baby sleep apps are supposed to be a positive, guiding experience, filled with support without overwhelming you. 

In my professional point of view, a tool that brings you peace and confidence is a total keeper, while anything that causes unnecessary stress needs to go.

Appy or Crappy

While they’re often well-intentioned, baby sleep apps do NOT cater to your baby’s unique and individual needs. They create a more generalized and average approach for all babies out there. It is more based on average babies, than it is on normal biology and individual needs and differences. While you may feel stressed thinking something is wrong because  your baby is not falling into what the app says, remember that each baby has a unique pattern of what healthy sleep looks like for them . 

 If you’re new here, allow me to introduce you to my most important philosophy- babies are not a one-size-fits-all. Their sleep needs are as unique as their little personalities. Apps might not consider the various factors that might affect the baby’s sleep, feeding needs, developmental milestones, illnesses, overall health, and their individual needs. Relying too heavily on an app can cause you to use it as the ultimate expert on YOUR baby, which can prevent you from trusting your own instincts as a parent and learning essential parenting skills. (P.S. Want to discover your personal sleep philosophy? Complete this Sleep Philosophy Quiz). Obsessing over these apps, can take away your chance to watch and learn about your baby’s unique needs through firsthand experience. But don’t stress, you’re a human after all who is bound to make mistakes- we’re all in this motherhood journey together. 

The key here is to let your baby guide you. Yes, it might sound confusing at first, and you might feel like the app has more knowledge than you, but in reality you know better. There is nothing wrong with a bit of trial and error; this paves the way to become a pro at understanding your little one’s sleep needs. 

Feeding and Sleeping

Did you know that your baby’s feeding needs affect their sleep? Especially if you’re breastfeeding. One thing about baby sleep apps, is that they don’t track your baby’s feeding. Which is essentially wrong as you would be missing important information, and as a result you might think there is something wrong with your baby’s sleep when in reality, it is actually normal. To learn about normal sleep patterns for babies make sure to get the free normal baby sleep guide HERE.

The Alternative Approach

The world of baby sleep and feeding can be a hard one to navigate. That’s why my programs are there to make it a whole lot easier for you. We take a few days to truly get to know your little one’s sleep patterns, focusing not just on the clock but on the quality of their sleep. We’re talking appropriate sleep stretches for their age, and feeding patterns.

Is the bedtime routine becoming harder? Are those wake-up calls happening more often than necessary? Trusting your intuition is crucial, and we’re here to help you strengthen your connection with it. We help you in determining what works best and provide guidance in creating a customized strategy that is well-suited to the unique demands and needs of your baby and actual daily life – even the best strategy in the world is useless to you if you cannot actually practice it. No generic advice provided here- it’s all about your unique little one. Together, let’s embrace the individualized approach! 

Now it’s your Turn!

I’ve had fun sharing my professional thoughts with you, and we’re dying to know your take on them! Were apps a game-changer for you? Did you find other strategies that were more helpful? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below- we’re all in this together! 🌟

Do you want to get sleep advice that is personalized and based on what your individual baby needs are rather than the average of what all babies need? Then it’s time to join the Baby Sleep Essentials Course. Grab the course HERE!

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