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The membership for realistic parents of 0-5 year olds–who are sick of feeling alone on their sleep (and parenting) journey. Because it really does take a village club to raise good humans!

being a good parent is hard and–

That’s probably why you’ve felt so alone around other parents or family members. They don’t believe or understand your choices especially when it comes to sleep or parenting in a responsive, respectful or gentle way. You’re firm in your belief that cry-it-out is not a tool in your toolbox, but no matter your protests family and friends still provide that unrelenting parent pressure.

🙄 No, thanks–that’s not for me.
😑 Great that worked for you–we will not be doing that.
😠 Yeah–I get it, you’d have done XYZ by now…
🤬 I’m not gonna effing sleep train!

Yeah–it all just piles on until you explode one day at a family gathering, and ugh the onslaught of “I can’t believe you spoke to so-and-so like that” just drags on. The thing is–you aren’t the one who is being unreasonable. YOU, my dear, are trying to make the most of an unsupportive situation. Because the truth is outside of these people, you don’t know anyone, especially people with the same parenting and sleep philosophies as you.

But what if you did...

But what if you did? No seriously. What would it be like to let out your frustrations about a transition and then be met with encouragement. Not to mention advice that aligns with your parenting philosophies. The accurate description of that scenario is probably 🤯! This is what The Talkin’ Sleep Club is about–supporting parents in a way that brings hope, possibilities…and actual freakin’ sleep!

What do you say?

I’m talkin’ a community you could turn to who feel just like you that….

That all sounds good, Val.
But what is ACTUALLY part of the membership?

LIVE Group Sleep Coaching Sessions

As your little one grows, and changes you’ll want some support. And we know that not everyone needs support the same way. So if you’re the type of person that likes to show up to a group Zoom call, hear what other parents are struggling with or celebrating AND ask a question to a Talkin’ Sleep Specialist r–then our LIVE Q&A Sessions are for you.

Written Q&A

If video calls aren’t your thing–or you just need supplemental support– you’ll always be able to post your questions in our moderated private facebook community (just for club members of course!) Each week we will host a WRITTEN Q&A, (along with motivation and inspiration) to help you along your early parenting journey. In case you need something answered in between the live group meetings or need some encouragement along the way.

Special Delivery LIVE Sessions

In addition to the direct small group sleep coaching support, as a Club member you’ll also get exclusive invites to live sessions (monthly depending on community demand). These sessions are topic focused, and allow us to deep dive into specific sleep and parenting topics (such as - naps, independent sleep, boundaries, how not to lose your shit, protecting your mental health and more!). These feature a Q&A style video call to deep dive into the specified topics. ​

Supportive Community

With your membership you’ll have access to our exclusive parent community. Here other like-minded parents all riding the parenting rollercoaster are here to support each other, as well as ask for support. Whether you share your sleep and parenting woes or celebrate a night with minimal wakes, these are the kind of parents who just get it and may just have a trick up their sleeve to help you as well.

I still have questions….

This membership isn’t here to make you feel trapped–it’s meant to help you feel better supported. So in that spirit this membership does not have a minimum term requirement. Your membership is on a month-to-month basis. That being said, payments are automatically billed each month until you cancel the membership.


The Talkin’ Sleep Club membership fee is $39/month and is automatically billed to the card you provide at the time of enrollment. 


 Due to the nature of this membership, refunds will not be provided. You may cancel your membership at any time.


We are so glad you asked! As a club member you receive a exclusive discounts on courses, any new premium contant that is released as well as special edition webinars. Have you already purchased one of our courses? Good news–you get exclusive savings off the membership! Email us at hello@talkinsleep.com for your exclusive savings link.

Sound like music to your sleepy ears?