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Gift Guide for New & Expectant Parents

Gift guide season is here! If you are like me, you love giving gifts but deciding what to buy that special expectant or new parent in your life? Thats a whole new challenge! 

Something that easily happens around the holidays is that parents only receive gifts for their sweet bundle of joy, who, is definitely the life of the party – but what about the next most important people – the parents! Aren’t they special too?! Which is why I’ve made this list of things that are sure to result in the special expectant or new parents in your life saying THANK YOU! THIS IS THE BEST GIFT EVER! 

7 || Books that actually help and empower!

Books are some of the references for new parents. It’s so easy to end up down a rabbit hole on the internet and suddenly a quick google search of “what is the best temperature for my baby’s bath” turns into you worrying that the bath time soap choice will lead to “insert random scary rash description here.” 

We’ve all been there as parents. The Google Scare is real. So sometimes it feels better to just pick up a book and get one person’s opinion or look at the data without a million things trying to get your attention at once.

Ask for your loved one’s preferred way to read! Do they have an electronic reader and hate clutter? Would audio be better for them during this phase? Maybe they love to make notes on the side and NEED a physical copy.

Here are some of my favorite parenting books that I’ve read and highly recommend to new parents! They are child and family therapist and sleep specialist approved.

Baby Sleep and Wellbeing: 

Want them to have credible answers to all the baby questions in the first year? Get Bottom Line for Baby

Want information on sleep that is designed for breastfeeding families? Get Safe Infant Sleep

Have more seasoned parents in your life who are thinking how to be the best parent they can be for their littles? Get The Power of Showing Up – I love it for its simple but powerful way to be there for our kids and grow them up to be the most successful people possible!

Are you thinking, but I really want some books for the little people in my life too?! Here are some of my family’s favorite toddler books!

GIFT GUIDE Books for Toddler Big Siblings & Bedtime Stories for toddlers

Grumpy Monkey // The Very Sleepy Bear // I Like Myself // The Gruffalo // The Way I Feel

6 || Must haves for breastfeeding moms! 

Nursing clothes or robe pajamas are every nursing mama’s dream. Grab my favorite set for nursing here. And one of the most essential new nursing items out there is the Hakaa, and it is a must have for every single mama. And don’t worry about if she already has one. This is a gift that can be duplicated so that mom is never worried about one needing to be washed or on the opposite side of the house when needed. It’s perfect for those early days with a new baby!

As a breastfeeding mom, I spent A LOT of time on the couch or bed breastfeeding. Sometimes, I was not up for watching TV or I needed to motivate myself to get something done. So I gifted myself this speaker, the Bose SoundLink Micro, and it has been a life changer postpartum as it reminded me to listen to music, podcasts and books. Things that didn’t only just entertain but fueled my own brain and made me happier! I gifted one to a friend too so this addition to this gift guide is my persona; favourite!

5 || Food Gift Cards

Get meals sent to their house. Ask for favorite restaurants or fast food areas, maybe even a meal service such as HelloFresh, which has under 30 minute meals, but all the food is delivered to their door. Make sure you ask about food sensitivities and allergies first, but sending a gift card for easy food is always appreciated.

I loved UberEats gift cards! Being able to just order whatever I wanted to my door when I wanted it is fabulous for easy meal nights and nursing cravings! Skip the Dishes is another favorite of mine, and both have gift cards that you can send to your newly postpartum or expectant friends!

4 || Housework Services

The last thing parents with a new baby want to worry about is taking out the trash or getting the dishes done. If you are nearby, set up dates and time that you are going to come by and help tidy up their house. Making a plan is 100% more helpful than just saying “let me know if you need anything” truth bomb: thinking of what to ask and gathering the courage to do it can be too much when you are a sleep deprived! But the help is so needed and appreciated. 

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it or don’t live close enough to do often, look up services in the new parents area and arrange from there. Doing the work for them goes a long way in getting sighs of relief and feeling loved and supported, even if you are far away. 

3 || Doula Support

First time expecting mamas NEED a doula. No matter what kind of birth they are planning. But it can seem like a luxury on top of all the other birth expenses that can pop up. (Especially for Americans who can expect to pay a lot to give birth to their child). The support that a doula can give the new mother, or even the new father, is amazing. Inside and outside the birthing area.

This is a good opportunity to gift new parents some cash or an open gift card with a note to put these funds towards a doula. Recommendations of someone amazing in your area with the note is even better. Yes doulas can help with birth AND postpartum too! 

2 || A Good Baby Carrier

This can be a wrap, or a good sturdy carrier, whatever the parent might feel more comfortable with. But it’s one of the best ways to give new parents some hands free peace of mind. Babies LOVE to sleep next to and on their parents. Whether this is their first baby, or their fourth, a carrier is always a good idea and a great investment as it can be reused as the family grows.

What’s a gift guide without some links, here are my favorites

Wrap – Boba Wrap is great for the early days! A carrier is perfect for when the baby is bigger and this one is ergonomic and will protect the parent’s back! Ergo Baby 360

While I baby wear a lot in the early days, there are still times that baby might *not* want to be held! Or mom may need some space. So I let the baby play on the floor when he was awake (also good for development, hello tummy time!). This is a play mat I like.

1 || Baby Sleep and Joy!

The number 1 thing new moms tell me they WISH they knew before they had their baby? What is and what isn’t normal. The next thing? Information and baby sleep strategies that acknowledge and work with the realities of having a new baby (rather than a one sized fits all approach!). Other baby sleep courses out there assume all babies sleep in cribs…but the research suggest that up to 75% of breastfeeding parents bedshare at some point, even if they don’t plan to (Reference: Ball, H. L. Breastfeeding, bed-sharing, and infant sleep. Birth, 30 no.3 (2003)). It’s time parents got sleep information and strategies based on their reality! Which is how I help parents get sleep with personalized sleep solutions! 

Baby Sleep Essentials helps your loved one’s know what to expect within the first year, what is cause for medical concern, and how to work WITH their baby to get both baby and their parents the sleep they need in a way that feels natural to them. They won’t need to turn anywhere else for reliable up-to-date information on how to get sleep while doing what’s best for the baby AND the parents.

“I wish The Baby Sleep Course had existed when I was pregnant or at the very least in the newborn stage of my parenting journey. Having realistic expectations surrounding my baby’s sleep and paving the path for actually sustainable sleep routines that are compatible with my family was game changing. I feel like I now have the tools to help adapt and adjust as my baby grows older.” – Karine, a BSE graduate & sleeping parent

Are you thinking Baby Sleep Essentials is the perfect gift?! I’ve just launched gift cards to give the gift of sweet snuggles and confident sleep to your friends and family!

I hope this gift guide helps you find the best gift for the new and expectant parents in your life!

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