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Guess what? Newborns shouldn’t sleep through the night! 😬

When I see videos on TikTok of parents boasting about how they got their 8 week old to sleep through the night I totally cringe. Don’t get me wrong, some people are lucky enough that their baby sleeps for long hours overnight and they are healthy, happy, with no medical concerns. Babies like that are just naturally good sleepers. However, it is not typical for most parents and babies. If your newborn wakes up every one to three hours, it is normal. 

It certainly doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. In fact, I will share with you reasons why I think it is a positive thing. Keep reading to find out the most important reason why you don’t want your newborn sleeping through the night.

Milk Supply Build Up

Babies are born with very tiny stomachs that cause them to need frequent feeding. If you’re breastfeeding, this frequent need to feed helps to build your milk supply. So when your baby wakes up every one to three hours to feed, they are helping you with your milk supply by regulating it. As a plus, if they wake up on their own, it prevents you from worrying about waking them up. It is such a great benefit that your baby naturally does the work of regulating your milk supply for you. 

Protection From SIDS

Waking up frequently protects your baby from sleeping too deep too soon which can lead to SIDS. Since newborn babies shouldn’t be sleeping for too long, your baby waking up frequently is a sign of health. Whenever I see videos on social media promoting the idea that babies should sleep for long periods of time early on, it kills me 😭. When they wake up to feed, they are playing their part to ensure they get what they need. This means less worrying for you.😃


It is normal for babies to feed eight to twelve times in a 24 hour period throughout the first year. For newborns, it is about twelve to fourteen times. A variation is normal depending on the individual babies and parents. BUT if you have any concerns or think your baby is overfeeding, make sure to get help from a lactation consultant. For example, if your baby wakes up every hour, all night long, 24 hours a day, it is often not a sleep problem. The problem most likely lies in the area of feeding. 

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