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How to Get Sleep WITHOUT Sleep Training

My mission in creating Talkin’ Sleep is to make sure that every parent knows this: You do NOT have to sleep train in order to get your baby sleep. Sleep training is NOT required. Now that I’ve helped over 1000 families do exactly this, I can tell you with confidence, it works.

But you might be wondering, exactly HOW I help families get sleep without sleep training and without compromising the things they love about being parents. 

I hear you – I thought it was some trick question myself when I first realized I don’t actually have to sleep train my baby to reach my sleep goals (longer stretches of sleep, fast easy and enjoyable bedtime routines, independent sleep and confidence in knowing exactly why their sleep is disrupted and what I can do about it). 

Here’s exactly how it works. I created my online course Baby Sleep Essentials to walk you through to your sleep goal. It is laid out similarly to how I worked with hundreds of clients individually, one to one to get their sleep goal without compromising what’s important to them. Here is how it works:

First (module 1)

You need sleep now, so obviously we address that immediately because you and baby need some quality sleep.

The way that we do that is by focusing on things we can control such as sleeping arrangements and support. Many times these solutions are only temporary. But they do help you feel better and find clarity on what you need. It’s been estimated that 60-75% of breastfeeding mothers bedshare – yet sleep training programs typically assume that baby is sleeping in the crib. Every baby and family is different and so is their sleep arrangement. So we cover how to practice all the options safely (crib, floor beds, bedsharing and separate surface co-sleeping). We also talk about your baby’s sleep environment to maximize it for quality sleep. 

Next (module 2)

Now that you are getting some quality sleep we can move on to a more permanent solution and that means you first need to understand your individual baby’s sleep.

What’s that actually mean? Well that means learning about your baby’s sleep behaviour and setting realistic expectations. 

Why do we focus on understanding baby’s sleep?

  • You will be better able to know when your baby is tired = easier, more predictable sleep 
  • You finally know you are doing it all right! And your baby is doing an amazing job at being a baby too! 
  • Feeling confident adds joy to your sleep journey! Because you are finally able to enjoy your baby instead of obsessing about their sleep. 

Third (module 3)

At this point you’re making progress and feel like you better understand your baby, but we aren’t done because we still need to improve the ROOT cause of why your baby is waking.

By understanding the WHY to your baby’s waking, we can help them sleep longer stretches and get the most sleep – no training or crying required!. This module is one of the most popular because it helps parents find strategies and solutions on exactly HOW to get baby to sleep longer and easier by resolving the thing that’s waking them. 

Sometimes it’s a schedule or wake window change. Other times, it’s related to feeding or daytime activity. Sometimes it’s their sleep environment that’s keeping them up and sometimes it’s actually discomfort related to health. Most often its a combination of a few things or a couple changes that make all the big difference. 

Once you got the sleep and got to the root cause of your baby’s wakes, your baby sleeps longer and easier. This is when you celebrate!

Still – I am thinking about you long term – its not a set and done deal because babies and families grow. Your baby is growing and your family is too and you or your baby (or both!) feel ready to make changes to your sleep routines. This is where the fourth module comes in: smoothly making changes and transitions.

Fourth (module 4)

Unlike sleep training programs that claim a quick fix, once and done “magical” solution – I am here to be 100% real and transparent with you. I hate to tell you…but magic solutions and quick fixes don’t exist when it comes to raising babies.

The reality of baby sleep is your baby, you and your family WILL change.

Not a little, but a whole damn LOT of change, especially throughout the first year.  I mean look how your baby is going from a helpless (but adorable) blob to a walking, talking, little person and YOU are going through transformation too! 

Sleep training programs will claim its a once and done kind of deal…but sleep training parents report having to “re-train” after sleep regressions, travel, illness and transitions.

Instead – I focus on long lasting solutions. While also equipping you to confidently navigate changes when things need to change (or when your baby changes them up).

So that begs the question, exactly HOW do we make those changes and transitions into new developmental milestones without leaving the baby to cry? 

Well now that we know you have sleep arrangements that you love, you have realistic expectations and truly understand your baby’s behaviour and feel confident and joyful as a parent, AND get longer stretches of sleep from having tons of resources to help you get to the bottom of baby’s wakes — YOU my friend are ready for whenever it’s time to change things up.

It’s not JUST about your baby

Whenever you are ready to stop co-sleeping, or rocking or nursing to sleep or to have someone else put your baby to sleep – you can make changes with confidence and without leaving your baby to cry. 

The key to making changes in your sleep habits is preparing the baby (and frankly you) for the change. First, with practice and familiarity, then, gradually making the changes WITH support. Gradually transitioning them while supporting any feelings you both have about the change & always soothing if they are upset while still holding a loving limit or boundary. It is a gradual process and the pace is set by each parent and baby. The result? Having sleep routines you love and enjoy and work for both you and your baby. 

If you are ready to help you and your baby get the oh-so-sweet sleep and joy that you deserve join Baby Sleep Essentials now. Got a question for us or want to make sure its a fit for you? please get in touch. We love hearing from you!

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How to Get Sleep WITHOUT Sleep Training

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