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Night Wean gently without losing sleep

Reduce overnight feeds for your 10-36 month old in 1 - 6 weeks with minimal to no crying using the empowering knowledge and practical strategies in this 47-minute webinar

Times are changing

The toddler doing gym-nurstics is NOT that adorable blob from a few months ago.

Parents of more than one kiddo can attest that sleep (and temperaments) are rarely the same child to child. Of course you're having a tough time figuring out exactly what to do! Especially, when anything you google results in some form of “cry it out” and sleep training methods while your pediatrician and family tells you your baby isn’t sleeping because you have to leave them to cry😳. Everything about that advice makes you uneasy–you’re not sure why but it’s NOT something you want for your little one.

When we get to the bottom of it all –what you really want is to...

Enjoy a deep and secure connection with your baby, understanding you’ve chosen sleep support from an infant mental health expert who puts secure attachment, infant well-being AND parent well-being at the core of her practice.

For someone else to put your baby to sleep, with minimal crying using lifetime access to a variety of present and relationship focused tools and techniques to help you be the parent you want to be.

Wake up in the morning feeling recharged after a peaceful, uninterrupted night, topped with precious evening “me” time, and reduced night wakings.

Feel confident in your parenting choices and be ready to share with friends how smooth and easy this transition was

Ready to night wean smoothly and easily with tears of joy and pride?
Talkin' Sleep's Night Weaning Webinar for babies 10+ months on ipad

What will the night weaning class help with?

Talkin’ Sleep’s night weaning class will help you get rested night sleep free of guilt, shame, or regret. Inside the class you’ll find all the tools and understanding you need to do what’s best for your family using techniques grounded in evidence based parenting practices.

This night weaning class will help you to:


Figure out a realistic goal for you and your baby (you choose how many feeds you want to cut – some or all, up to you!)


Know whether you are ready to night wean


Implement loving boundaries and limits in a gentle, responsive and respectful way that feels good to you AND your baby!


Learn my proven process for how to successfully shorten or cut out overnight feeds without losing sleep or sanity.

Better Sleep. Restful Nights. Your way.

I understand that you may need to revisit this class as you transition away from night feeds. So you have unlimited access to the class.

We’ll never ask you to give up those things that spark joy in your parenting journey.

We know parenting is hard–and that you can sometimes feel anything but joyful. You’ll never hear us say things like, “your baby is waking because you nurse them to sleep” or “you are teaching them bad habits” or whatever other toxic parenting BS that’s out there–because that’s just false. And yet–on the other side of the baby sleep spectrum are people wanting you to remove the connection and love you feel for your little one in order for them to comply with sleep wants. Uh-huh! That’s not what we’re about here at Talkin’ Sleep!




Whatever you do to get your little one to sleep AND brings you joy
we’re all about that.

This is a guilt-free parenting area–and one of the reasons our approach is about providing you with information, tools, and strategies to maximize babies' sleep without compromising those parts that you and your baby enjoy.

Curious to know what’s inside the 47 minutes that make up Night Weaning Class?

Let’s check them out!

Sound like the solution you’ve been searching the ends of the internet for?

Real People. Real Success. Real Sleep.

Your time is precious

You may need to revisit the class on your journey to night weaning so you get lifetime access to this class.

Is this class right for you?

Making changes isn't easy and there are probably a million and one questions running through your head--Where do you even start? What if I get less sleep if I cut feeds? What if the process will be harder than to just keep going?

You might even find yourself reacting with anger and resentment towards nursing to sleep or nursing at night--because honestly you have been really patient and baby led but at this point you are tired of getting up at night to nurse. At the end of the day--you're starting to realize this struggle with night nursing is not allowing you to be the mom you want to be during the day because you are just so exhausted. The problem really just comes to--you aren't sure how to make that happen and need help. Because although you might not be ready to cut night time feeds just yet but you want to be prepared for when you are

Are we the right fit?

Being a data driven person myself–I want you to have all the details to help you make the best decision for you. So we looked at all the families we’ve helped over the years and found that Baby Sleep Essentials will be perfect for you if….

Your parenting style would be considered respectful, natural or gentle and you don't want to fall into the routines of your parents because well...that sucked!

You want to parent using your intuition but need some extra encouragement because parenting is eff-ing hard!

You’re willing to accept what is biologically normal infant sleep while doing what you can to maximize your baby’s sleep.

Doing what’s best for your baby is THE priority and you want to confirm that what you've done so far is on the right track–and if not how to adjust to make that happen.

For the record I think you’re doing great because you’re here! By researching and taking the time to make sure this is the right place for you means you’re already on the right track. ​👏

Sound like the perfect fit for your family?!

Not all classes are created equal

Being a data driven person myself–I want you to have all the details to help you make the best decision for you. So we looked at all the families we’ve helped over the years and found that the night weaning class is perfect for you if….

Ready to night wean with confidence and connection?

Despite what you may have heard, YOUR well-being is actually essential

It’s true! When you find solutions to your family's struggles that align with your personal values and philosophies, your whole family will feel it. So yes! Your mental and physical health are important when it comes to your baby’s sleep.

I’m Valerie–

founder of Talkin’ Sleep AND a real life mental health professional!
(Registered Social Worker, M.S.W, R.S.W if I am being exact. )

When I became a parent myself and started researching baby sleep more and more I realized a terrible truth–the baby sleep world is unregulated and anyone can claim to be an expert and spread blame and misinformation around. 😱 So those people telling you to walk away from your baby when they are upset, to stop cuddling and loving on them because you’ll “spoil” them–they are misinforming you!

Ready to try a whole new approach to your sleep journey?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This class is a total of 47 minutes and you can return to it as often as needed, on demand.

I am confident that my course will work for your baby, because parents like you took the class and got the results they wanted. 

Absolutely not! I am personally against cry-it-out and sleep training of any kind. It is not inline with current scientific evidence and the thought of leaving children to cry breaks my heart. 

However this is not a no cry solution – I help you minimize crying as much as possible as well as understand and respond to cries with empathy and compassion.

This course is packed with the information and strategies that you need to insure that you do not lose more sleep on your way. We do this by arming you with a process that is designed to prevent losing sleep while you night wean.

Bottom line: Yes!

Many families do report that sleep dramatically improves after night weaning. However we mentioned above there are no magic solutions so if it doesn’t, reach out to us for additional help. We look at the root cause of wakes to help resolve them. 

Every little one and their family is different so how long it takes varies and depends on your starting point, goal and pace. Most families reach their goal within 1 to 6 weeks of implementing these gentle strategies. 

Talkin' Sleep's Night Weaning Webinar for babies 10+ months on ipad

Ready to use science, connection AND your instincts to night wean?

Get started now


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