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Talkin' Sleep

One-on-One Sleep Consultation that provides you a personal roadmap to help solve your 0-6 year old’s sleep struggles and bring you the sanity you need.

As a parent–watching our littles struggle is always heart wrenching.

Struggling with sleep is killing you–but you’re tapped out yourself.

You have zero energy to scour the internet or take a course to find the answers. You’re like the TIkTok parents who are so sleep deprived they're holding babies and bouncing empty rockers. Every ounce of energy you have is spent keeping you from losing your shit (well at least most of the time.) What you need is someone to listen to your unique story, look at the data, and give you clear cut next steps to make sleep happen for both of you. If this sounds like you–then keep reading to see how our Sanity Solution: One-to-One Support can help you.

How is your Sanity Solution built?

Learning Everything about your little one (and their sleep)

To kick things off, we’ll email you a detailed questionnaire to collect all the information we need about your little one and your family. As part of the info collection, we’ll have you complete (3) days of sleep and feeding logs. You'll email your complete questionnaire over to us, and your Sanity Solution plan gets started.

Your Unique-To-You Sanity Solution

Once your questionnaire lands in our inbox–we’ll take 48 hours to get to you know and your little one’s current sleep and your personal family values. We’ll then hop on a 50-75 minute video call together where we’ll detail next steps specific to your unique sleep wishes.

Following the Roadmap & Getting Support*

Now that you have your Sanity Solution–it’s time to implement your personal, practical solution. While you continue to put the specific items into action, our team will be available for 2 weeks (unless otherwise specified in your Roadmap. *VIP Option only) to answer all your questions as you put your plan into action.

Honestly, it isn’t! The information is exactly the same–we just acknowledge that some people do not have the time, energy, or want to complete a course. That they would rather receive a tailored game plan unique to their little one. We are happy to provide that!

As part of our “learning everything” step we screen for common underlying health related reasons for sleep disruptions in this case we provide guidance on what specialists to reach out to (we know our stuff when it comes to sleep, but we also know when you actually need help from someone else too!).. If you are in Ontario Canada–we will refer you to the Talkin’ Families Ontario Clinic.

Follow up support is included in the VIP option or can be purchased separately. Follow up includes our team providing 2 weeks of support after you receive your Sanity Solution sleep education call. With Sanity Solution VIP You will get a choice between 2 weeks of unlimited email messages OR (4) 20-minute video calls.

We understand that improving sleep sometimes takes time–and sometimes you end up with more questions as things progress. If you need additional support beyond the included 2 weeks–you’ll be given an opportunity to purchase additional support (choice of email or video calls) on a case by case basis that you can discuss with the Talkin’ Sleep Team.

*Follow up included in VIP option only

Absolutely, while completing your intake form, there is a question to ensure that the information you are receiving is in a means that you can process. Select “Written Report” as your delivery method, and our team will email your sanity solution sleep education as a report instead of the 50-75 minute video call. 

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