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Here at Talkin’ Sleep we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions to your child’s sleep struggles. Our courses and consultations are designed with both you and your child in mind, and offer a tool kit of understanding, connection, and sleep with child brain development in mind!

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Baby Sleep Essentials Course

for babies 0-12 months

They're cute and cuddly, and have you wrapped around their little finger, but when night time comes the sleep...does not. Get help figuring out your baby’s unique sleep needs with Baby Sleep Essentials.

Night Weaning Self-Paced Webinar

for babies 10+ months

Tired of all the night feedings but don't want to rush anything you or your little one is gonna regret? This self-paced recorded webinar may just be the solution to figure out if now really is the perfect time for your family to start weaning.

Talkin' Toddler Sleep Course

Toddler Sleep Essentials Course

for toddlers 1 -5 years

Between exploring outer space and their fantastical dragon adventures...your toddler needs quality sleep. But they don’t see it that way! Help your kiddo find a sleep groove that works the way their adorable (and sometimes terror-iffic) brain works.

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