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The baby in front of you is NOT the baby in the book–and that’s perfect!

Parents of more than one kiddo can attest that sleep (and temperaments) are rarely the same child to child. Of course you're having a tough time figuring out exactly what to do! Especially, when anything you google results in “cry it out” and sleep training methods while your pediatrician and family tells you your baby isn’t sleeping because you have to leave them to cry😳. Everything about that advice makes you uneasy–you’re not sure why but it’s NOT something you want for your little one.

Ready to make these wants your reality?

80 page Easy to reference downloadable course Handbook

80 page Easy to reference downloadable course Handbook

80 page Easy to reference downloadable course Handbook

We’ll never ask you to give up those things that spark joy in your parenting journey.

We know parenting is hard–and that you can sometimes feel anything but joyful. You’ll never hear us say things like, “your baby is waking because you nurse them to sleep” or “you are teaching them bad habits” or whatever other toxic parenting BS that’s out there–because that’s just false. And yet–on the other side of the baby sleep spectrum are people wanting you to remove the connection and love you feel for your little one in order for them to comply with sleep wants. Uh-huh! That’s not what we’re about here at Talkin’ Sleep!




Your time is precious

As parents ourselves– we understand that everyday is a unique adventure and there is hardly ever warning when things are not going to go according to plan. It’s one of the reasons we have committed to zero time limits on our course access. We know that you are trying to take in the information you need as quickly as possible in teeny-tiny slices of time throughout your day. And pressure to take in all the information we’re providing would just make this–well–icky!

We also know that many of you are opting to grow your families as time goes on–we want you to utilize the knowledge you gain from Baby Sleep Essentials to help every one of your little ones as they develop and grow. Especially since the odds of having identical sleep habits amongst your kiddos isn’t gonna be a thing–every baby is different.

If we’re not your flat white (that’s coffee FYI)-- that’s okay!

Honest–there are no hard feelings if our approach to sleep doesn’t align with your personal sleep philosophy. Every family should get a choice in deciding what’s best for them. Giving people options beyond that status quo variety is kind of our thing. We want you to know that your decision on how to navigate baby sleep is 100% the right decision for your unique family.

On the fence about us?

Being a data driven person myself–I want you to have all the details to help you make the best decision for you. So we looked at all the families we’ve helped over the years and found that Baby Sleep Essentials will be perfect for you if….

Your parenting style would be considered respectful, natural or gentle and you don't want to fall into the routines of your parents because well...that sucked!

You want to parent using your intuition but need some extra encouragement because parenting is eff-ing hard!

You’re willing to accept what is biologically normal infant sleep while doing what you can to maximize your baby’s sleep.

Doing what’s best for your baby is THE priority and you want to confirm that what you've done so far is on the right track–and if not how to adjust to make that happen.

You sleep trained with your first little one but say HELL NO to doing that again! The crying haunts your dreams to this day. 😱

For the record I think you’re doing great because you’re here! By researching and taking the time to make sure this is the right place for you means you’re already on the right track. ​👏

Sound like the perfect fit for your family?!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Heck yes! This self-paced course allows you to go directly to the content that is most relevant to you. All the content in Baby Sleep Essentials is delivered in short (5-15 minute) videos explaining what you need to know to make changes right away. PLUS, with lifetime access to the course, you can return to content over and over as your baby (or family) grows. 

I am confident that my course will work for your baby, because the content is based on the most pressing questions I receive from parents in their baby’s first year. PLUS, I am proud to say that I update and expand this course content based on feedback from parents just like you!

If you’ve taken the course and did not find it helpful, get a full refund with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Absolutely not! I am personally against cry-it-out and sleep training of any kind. It is not inline with current scientific evidence and the thought of leaving children to cry breaks my heart.  

You will never be asked to leave your baby to cry for any length of time for any reason. You will also never be asked to ignore your intuition. This is not a course to teach you how to train your baby to sleep. (It is a biological function after all!)

This entirely depends on your baby and their unique needs. Inside this course you will get the information you need to help get your baby down to the minimum number of night wakings per night and continue to meet their needs in an age appropriate way. 


For some babies this will be a full night, but other babies may still wake at night and require a quick feed or resettling. The key thing that sets this course apart is that I’ve designed the content  to help you eliminate the root of what is causing wake-ups. 


At the end of the day,  I would be wary of trusting any sleep courses that guarantee a certain number of hours of sleep.

The course is intentionally designed for the first year (0-12 months), and the content is relevant up to 18 months. The Talkin’ Sleep Toddler Sleep Courses are best for little ones 1 – 5 years. LEARN MORE HERE

No, this course does not–but we offer that as a standalone webinar! GET NIGHT WEANING WEBINAR

Bottom line: Yes!

The Baby Sleep Essentials Course is designed to help you guide your baby to their best possible sleep by focusing on the things that ARE in your control. Such as their environment, expanding knowledge of their own unique personality and needs, having realistic expectations, balancing household schedules, and identifying the reasons for sleep disruptions.

That being said–the allied healthcare provider in me has to add–if there is a known medical issue that is causing a sleep disruption, treating the condition should be your first step in that process.

Ready to use science AND your intuition to solve your sleep?