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Sleep expertise from an actual child mental health specialist.

(child & Family therapist specialized in birth to 6 Mental Health and sleep to be exact!)

When it comes to sleep, you want to know without a doubt that whatever path you choose to follow is what is best for little one. As a professional in childhood mental health I understand, but as a parent I feel that in my soul. And that’s exactly why I developed Talkin’ Sleep. A science based, connection driven way of approaching sleep.

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Self-Soothing is BS Instant Access Webinar


📢NEWSFLASH📢 Self-Soothing is 💩! Yes you read that right–teaching your baby to self-sooth is NOT a real thing. At least according to *up-to-date* baby sleep science.

The real truth is this buzzword in the baby sleep world is taken totally out of context and is the exact opposite of what your baby needs. 😱

👋 I’m here to help know that you DO have options when it comes to your baby’s sleep and that YOU get to make the choice that’s best for your baby WITHOUT resorting to cry it out of any kind.

Here is what you’ll learn

– Why your baby wakes
– When they will sleep through the night
– How to get sleep without cry it out of any kind
– the number 1 predictor to how they will turn out
– what self soothing really is

👀 WATCH NOW and get the facts on why Self-Soothing is bullshit!


Before I join

I’m wondering….

How long is my free access?

The Realist Sleep Workshops are live and you will get free access for 48 hours after the live. The self-soothing is BS workshop is a 15minute recording and available to you for 7 days.

Who is teaching these workshops?

The Founder of Talkin’ Sleep, Valerie Groysman (Infant & Child mental health specialist & Registered Social Worker, M.S.W, R.S.W) is teaching these workshops. 

I don’t believe in Cry It Out, are these workshops for me?

ABSOLUTELY! We here at Talkin’ Sleep will never tell you to leave your baby or toddler to cry, or tell you to go against your parental instincts. The Talkin’ Sleep approach is grounded in science, focused on connection, and designed to build confidence in your instincts.

I just want to sign up for your course and get help now. Where do I find that?

CLICK THIS LINK to shop our online courses and get the sleep help you want right this second. If you are looking for one-to-one sleep help, contact us.