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Talkin' Sleep

Advice you can rely on.

Sleep expertise from an actual child mental health specialist.

(Child & Family Therapist Specialized In Birth To 6 Mental Health And Sleep To Be Exact!)

When it comes to sleep, you want to know without a doubt that whatever path you choose to follow is what is best for little one. As a professional in childhood mental health I understand, but as a parent I feel that in my soul. And that's exactly why I developed Talkin' Sleep. A science based, connection driven way of approaching sleep. Join us for our next workshop to get your jumpstart to the world of facts and feelings based sleep solutions.

During these workshops you'll learn...

Normal Infant Sleep Workshop for parents and their 0-5 month olds

0 - 8 Month Olds

February 24th at Noon EST

Normal Infant Sleep Workshop 9 - 15 months

9 - 18 Month Olds

February 27th at Noon EST

Normal Toddler Sleep Workshop for 1 - 3 year olds

19mo - 3 Year olds

March 9th at NOON EST

These are LIVE workshops (LIVE presentation with visual slides + Q&A)

Access to a recording will be available for 14 days.

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