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You’ve Got Options When It Comes to Baby Sleep

(and they don’t involve crying!)

friday, october 1st at 3pm est/12pm pst
Baby sleeping after parents followed sleep cues and wake windows

If the only sleep advice you’ve heard up to this point involves rigid schedules, leaving your baby to cry, or ignoring your gut all together…you’re not alone. But we’ve got news, you actually have options when it comes to baby sleep. There ARE ways to help your baby (and you) get sleep that involve trusting your gut, prioritizing baby’s emotional development and actual medical science.

During this FREE 30-minute webinar you’ll learn:

What “sleep training” really means and why ignoring your gut isn’t a good idea

Pros AND cons of Sleep Training (because it’s sleazy to only tell one side of the story)

The importance of flexibility when it comes to baby’s sleep (it’s not like they are clones!)

PLUS after our 30-minute training to help you better understand your baby sleep options, we will have a 20-minute Q&A session to help you get all the facts to figure out a unique sleep approach that works for your family.

Need more details? Here is what you’ll learn:

Sleep Training Methods explained by infant mental health specialist
What you need to know about self-soothing
Pros and cons of different sleep solutions (wait it out, cry it out, sleep without sleep training)
The number one predictor of how your child will turn out
HOW to get sleep without sleep training

Registered Social Worker and Normal Baby Sleep Expert Valerie Groysman helps parents realize they have options
Meet your sleep guide

Valerie Groysman, M.S.W., RSW

Registered Social Worker, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Infant + Child Mental Health Specialist, Certified Baby led sleep & wellbeing specialist

Like you, Valerie is a mom who would do anything to help her littles become the most successful humans they can be. So after her first child, and that unsolicited advice started flying in from every person she met, she realized just how much misinformation is flying at sleep deprived parents.

Since then, she’s made it her mission to change the script in baby sleep and give parents like you what you need most. Actual solutions that work grounded in science, biology and real life results from babies and families.

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